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How The Economical Insurance made unauthorized two extra withdrawals from my bank account causing NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), canceled my auto insurance because of this NSF, refused to reinstate my auto insurance, lied to me, ruined my driving history with not existing claim…
Actions: Proposal for Legislation

The government’s Archives and Recordkeeping Act, 2006, legislated by our politicians, provides NO PENALTIES for those who violate the Act; a fact that makes the Act ineffective and inefficient while giving the public the false impression that our elected politicians support and advocate for accountability and responsibility in government.

This Act, which was obviously meant to be powerless and harmless, allows the Liberal government officials who ordered the complete deletion of government’s e-mails to remain unpunished. Had they been kept, these e-mails could have helped in identifying the Liberal politician/s who are responsible for the cancellation of two advanced stage projects that cost the provincial taxpayers nearly $1 billion. The cancellation of these projects was done by the Liberal executives just to secure a few more seats for themselves in the Parliament.

The opposition parties, the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats, vehemently and aggressively demanded that the Liberals who violated the Archives and Recordkeeping Act, 2006 through the deletion of the e-mails be held responsible.

Ironically, although they are no doubt aware of the Act being useless in its current form, NONE of the elected members of the Ontario Parliament, the legislators whose 6-figure salary plus benefits are paid by the taxpayers to work for the common good, proposed any reforms to the Act.


with a team of legal professionals, will draft, propose, and urge to be legislated as soon as possible changes to the Archives and Recordkeeping Act, 2006 that would serve public interest: jail time for people, such as those from the Liberal party, who ordered government e-mails to be deleted with the obvious intention of destroying potentially incriminating evidence against themselves.

NOTE: Every MPP, regardless of his or her party affiliation, who opposes the amendment of the Act proposed by CFI would be deemed as refusing to accept responsibility; these MPPs would be named and their negative reply would be a part of their MPP performance record which would be made available to the electorate by CFI while these MPPs are campaigning for public office.

CFI relies on financial support from people like you so we can keep up the fight for the benefits of the common good.


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