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How The Economical Insurance made unauthorized two extra withdrawals from my bank account causing NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), canceled my auto insurance because of this NSF, refused to reinstate my auto insurance, lied to me, ruined my driving history with not existing claim…
Bulletin Board: Legal Team

The Archives and Recordkeeping Act, 2006 provides no punishment when it is contravened.

This opportunity to evade responsibility by the government was obviously taken advantage of by dishonourable and self-serving politicians who ordered the complete deletion of governmental e-mails for the purpose of destroying irrefutable evidence. These e-mails could have helped in the identification of the politician/s who are responsible for the cancellation of two advanced stage projects that cost the provincial taxpayers nearly $1 billion (an amount equal to the cost of building 2 new hospitals). The cancellation of these projects was done just to secure a few more seats in the Parliament for the party in power.

We all share a common interest in preventing politicians from evading responsibility and liability through deliberately created ineffective regulations.

If you are a former or active legal professional who would be able to help us with the drafting of an amendment to the Archives and Recordkeeping Act, 2006, please contact us via this e-maill:

legalteam {at} canadiansforintegrity.org

We, Canadians for Integrity, take public interests and the conduct of inept, unethical, immoral, dishonest, and self-serving politicians very seriously. Such dishonourable politicians in the government harm all of us: elderly, children, women, and men.



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